BATTLE: Young Wonder – Orange -VS- Hot Sugar – #Mindcontrol

Alright, finally some new music! (You can thank Pandora and Beatport for today’s battle, great music discovery tools.)

Young Wonder is a duo out of Ireland and while their discography is still in it’s infancy, I hear lots of promise. Orange sports a trifecta of (my) musical weaknesses – chill, female vox, and chops/breaks.

Somewhere between Washed Out and Ratatat lies Hot Sugar (in a real good way too). I don’t envy his process, but man it yields some fun music. Go listen to his Moon Money album, I only skip the first track, solid album. You might also like the Chillwave jam The Seagull.

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  1. Josh June 5, 2012 at 5:45 am

    That Hot Sugar song was crazy – and the video of how he makes his music is nuts! I wanted so bad to vote for him just by the way he creates his stuff (check out that video if you haven’t done so already – it brings a new level of appreciation for his music) … but that Young Wonder hit is just too good!

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