Tracks labeled Speaker Feature Original are tracks that I consider full songs. All songs are free to download for personal listening.


These are songs that I have collaborated with other artists. Details and song breakdown are listed in the post. If you would like to do a collaboration please Email Me.


These are informative articles meant for fellow musicians and professionals.  Articles are meant to share learning experience or expertise I may have come across that I think is beneficial to pass along. Please feel free to chime in on any of the articles if you have alternative techniques.


Battles are 1 on 1 single match-ups. Readers vote for a winner. Battle match ups try to pick songs that maybe you wish you heard, maybe you forgot about, or maybe you never stopped listening to (I guess that’s every kind of song..). Tracks may be from a similar time, similar style, or simply a best-of-breed showdown.


Whether it’s a short clip, an instrumental craving more, or just an unfinished song, tracks are sample free. All songs are free to download for personal listening. There’s no need to get permission to put these in your personal videos (Vimeo/YouTube/etc), but please send me a link – I’ll publish a post.


Pandora Stations
Pandora Station Posts are intended to share a listeners hand crafted radio station. Stations are unique and should be molded around a certian theme. If you would like to submit a station for consideration, please Email Me.


Any other post that doesn’t fit in a specific category.