PANDORA: Bassnectar and Dubstep by Bill

LISTEN: Bassnectar and Dubstep

My friend Bill sent me this station a few months back and I asked him for a station update and a few words:

I started with Bassnectar and voted up the reggae and dubstep influences over time. I like Bassnectar because of their wonderful unique sound and revolutionary message. Even though dub-step widely traces its origins to London at the turn of the millenium, Bassnectar (a Santa Cruz, CA based DJ) has been making music including his own variety of wobble bass and other dub-step styles since his first album. In my opinion, Bassnectar’s take is more varied, intricate, and complex than the typical dubstep DJ. And I’m sure I’ll still be listening to Bassnectar long after dubstep officially jumps the shark.

Well said.  Case in point is my favorite Bassnectar track, Blow.

Bill has been fine tuning this station for over two years, and shows a high listening tolerance with a thumbs up/down ratio of 25:3 (either that or Pandora knows him a lot better than me).  This station is a lot more mellow than the title may suggest and I find it a good working/surfing station.  Bill calls it “a great station for coding”.