PANDORA: Amon Tobin Radio by Toasty

LISTEN: Amon Tobin Radio

I’ve often told Toasty that he’s the most musical person I know who still doesn’t play an instrument. Being old friends (and a few years his junior) a lot of my early music exposure/taste was influenced by Toasty in high school. Early artists like PVD, Oakenfold and the DJ mixes of Global Underground morphed into styles of Massive Attack and Lamb and eventually Amon Tobin.

Our musical tastes have since diverged but there is still plenty of crosstalk. While I like tracks that are more pop/catchy and blithe, Toasty isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and that brings us to our Pandora Station.

Amon Tobin is one of the most unique artists you’ll find (just take a look how he makes some of his sounds) and provides the foundation for Amon Tobin Radio. When compared to my go-to station, Toasty includes a lot of the same artists, but the station is edgier and darker. You’ll get plenty of D&B/electronic percussion, distorted guitars and ride cymbals, along with longer builds, more atmospheric reverb, and moody orchestral lines. With plenty of thumbed up tracks and just a few thumbed down, the station has plenty of room to breathe.

I’ve never been, but videos make Amon Tobin’s live show look nuts: